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Watrex Expo

Mark your calendar Now!! Watrex Expo Middle East will take place from 5th to7th of February, 2018 at NCICC, New Cairo.

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Leading trade fair for Waste Water & Water Treatment Technologies
Under the patronage of his Excellency "ABDEL FATTAH EL SISI" President of The Arab Republic Of Egypt & the participation of the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority
From 5 to 7 February 2018, at New Cairo International Conference Center "NCICC"

  • Watrex Expo Middle East

    Takes place at NCICC, New Cairo International Conference Center
  • Mark your calendar Now!

    Watrex Expo Middle East takes place from 5th to 7th of February, 2018
  • Watrex Expo Middle East

    Leading trade fair for Wastewater &Water Treatment Technologies
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Egypt ...... The Magic Of The World in One Country

Egypt has a special historical, culturalandarchaeologicalNature makingEgyptgetsa well-deservedtitleorlowerand thereforethe work ofa tourist tripto learn aboutEgypt tourismandtourist sitesoutisan act ofa journey through thehistory andcivilizationssites willtake youinthe linescomingina wonderful tripto (the mother of theworld)and there is Themost beautifultourist sitesin Egyptandtourismguidein Egyptwith pictures anddetails.

Egypt at Night

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1-Giza Necropolis:-

Itisnot oneof the most importanttourist sitesin Egypt but it is also one of the most international famous throughout the ages,These areknown asthe three pyramidsof Khufu, Khafre andMenkaureIn the south-west of Cairo, and have a lot beauty &magic.

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2-River Nile Cruise:-

RiverNileis the lifelinein Egyptandthe main reasonbehind thecivilizationandculture, historyand tourismEgyptTherefore, the work of a cruiseonthe Nile Riverorthe so-calledNilecruiseis the experience ofusers canbeforgottenlike you aregoinginthe river of lifeandyou can makethisvoyageon the roadbetweenLuxorandAswanoryou can playthemin CairoIn all cases, the prices of theseNile cruisesareaccessible toeveryonewhere you candiscerniblefeluccasailing boatsjust for somelittle money,or havinga wonderful night on the back ofonenight aluxury cruise shipsenjoythemagic ofthe Nileand the beautyandgrandeur ofEgyptTourism.

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3-Egyptian Museum:-

One of the mainandmost importanttourist sitesinEgypt tourism locate inTahrir Squarebut the value ofthe placeof historical andarchaeologicalpricelessas it containsthe museumatno less than120 000relicsvariety ofstatuesandpapyri, coins oldwitness to thecivilizationof the pharaohswhich makes theEgyptian Museumis oneof the most importanttourist sitesinthe whole worldcomeshimmillions of touristseach yearto learn about thehistory and civilization ofEgyptandit’s  greatnation.

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4-Siwa Oasis:-

If you are interestedin somepeace and relaxationaway from thehustle and bustle ofthe capitalin Cairodo notmiss avisit toSiwa Oasis, which is located between theEgyptian-Libyan border, which is considered one ofthe most beautifultourist sitesin Egyptas well astheplaceto playa historic roleinthe civilization ofancient Egypt andthere areruins ofmany of theremaining relicsevento this day, and there are also manybeautiful landscapesofnaturespringsandpalm trees, and thereyou will findbeautiful hotelbasedon thenatureandmake you livedayinthe lap ofpristine natureand get to knowa different sideoftourisminEgypt.

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If you believe thatalltourist sitesinEgyptTourismrely depends onrelicsandancient civilization,then you arenotfamiliar withtourismin Egypt,wellhere'sthe city ofDahab, which is considered one ofthe most beautifultourist sitesinEgypt, which is located about85kilometers from Sharm el-Sheikhat the southern tipofSinaiis the perfect placeto enjoy thebeachesandbusiness tripsSafariand enjoysports,diving, snorkeling, swimming, surfingand watchingcoral reefscharmingand stayin the finestandmost luxurious hotels inEgypt, whichprovide you withall forms ofluxury and comfort.

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6- Sharm EL-Sheikh:-

It is a piece of heaven, country of peace.

Sharm EL-Sheikh combines between the beautiful nature and bustle of the city, it is a tourist city of the first-class, ranging from water sports such as diving ,sailing , water –skiing , snorkeling, fishing and cruises to visit nature reserves and safaris and nights Bedouin to nightlife bustling village a night or in hotelsdifferent.
And the most important activities that can be practiced there, and that in itself is memorable experiences such as:

  1. Diving in a lot of areas for example Coral area Strait of Tiran in the Gulf of Aqaba, Ras Mohammed National Park, Shark Pay for beginners.
  2. Fishing     
  3. sailing & sky diving.  
  4. Safari in the Desert
  5. Cruises                                         
  6. Hospital integrated Programs.
  7. Naama Bay , they called it also Sharm EL-Sheikh champs-Elysees ,which have all forms of joy with its delight of restaurants, dancing halls, Arabic cafes and others on the beach which enable you to see the morning with sunrise horizon in an incredible moments you can’t forget.
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7-Hurghada - Egypt- coast and Recreation

The city of Hurghada on the Red Sea Coast and features with its shiny sun all over the year and the amazing coral reefs which make it one of the three best diving areas in the world.joy on the beach , water sports fun and golf is a small fraction of the activates you can do it there.

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8- Luxor:-

It is a cityof the sun,which isitselfa "Tiba", the capital of ancient Egypt.
It is the city whichcontainsone-third ofthe effects ofthe worldandthe most importanthistorically, such asthe famousKarnak Temple. Characterizedwith its Luxoroverlooking thebanks of theNile River, whichearnsmaintainits gloryand excellence.

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9- Aswan:-

Aswanwitha special place inEgypt, it's archaeological andtouristcity, where you finda lot offoreign tourists, who come from around the worldto visit, especiallyfromEurope and East Asia, and the most importanttouristlandmarks"the Elephantine Island.

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10-Alexandria - Egypt

Coastal citycharacterized byits amazing beaches, it isreallythe brideof the Mediterranean.

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