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Watrex Expo

Mark your calendar Now!! Watrex Expo Middle East will take place from 5th to7th of February, 2018 at NCICC, New Cairo.

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Leading trade fair for Waste Water & Water Treatment Technologies
Under the patronage of his Excellency "ABDEL FATTAH EL SISI" President of The Arab Republic Of Egypt & the participation of the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority
From 5 to 7 February 2018, at New Cairo International Conference Center "NCICC"

  • Watrex Expo Middle East

    Takes place at NCICC, New Cairo International Conference Center
  • Mark your calendar Now!

    Watrex Expo Middle East takes place from 5th to 7th of February, 2018
  • Watrex Expo Middle East

    Leading trade fair for Wastewater &Water Treatment Technologies
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Twenty three nations comprise the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region, whose magnitude covers the Middle East, Arabian Gulf and North Africa. MENA ismuch more Than a Regional Group;it’s a force that works together to Optimize peace, economic growth and prosperity. The world is starting to invade MENA as a strategic and prospective Arena for investments and co-operation that will flourish and enlarge the sold regional economy.

Multinational entrepreneurs and corporate executives are seeking for access to this enormous market, which have a Rapid urban development and increasing stability presents appealing opportunities for international investments.

The MENA region has a tremendous potential market within the next decade; MENA's population is projected to supersede that of the EuropeanUnion by 20% (Growing at a rate of 3% vs. 0.8% of EU).

The Market of More Than 400 Million Consumers Is Projected to Double in Size in approximately 15 years, while the European Union Markets Are Expected to Double in Approximately 83 years.

Egypt’s Water Market

As an important country playing a major role in the MENA region, EGYPT has positioned itself to occupy a fundamental place in the global economy. The trade liberalization, exports promotion and foreign direct investment [FDI] as well as international development are the corner stones for enhancing Egypt’s competitiveness.
Egypt is the biggest country in Africa and Middle East region in terms of population, which was 77.5 million in 2006, then jumped to 92 million people in 2016. The urban populations are 62.25 million, or about 75% of the total number of the population.

Multinational entrepreneurs and corporate executives are seeking for access to this enormous market, whose have a rapid urban development with great opportunities for international investments.

Moving Towards Water Security 

Step by Step in Egypt

Once water is seen as a strategic priority and not just an economic resource, everything else falls into place. So the Egyptian government said “We had to build up our self-sufficiency, “No effort could be spared to achieve this! They had looked towards the next future until formulating water policies.
Egypt depends mainly on the Nile River as one of its main resources.

It has also large resources of groundwater in Western desert.

Egypt suffers from a major problem of water resources; it is the imbalance between the increasing demand for water availability and quantity available. It had to be coordinated with the nine Nile Basin countries, to ensure the future of the water galore and solve that problem. The current Egyptian political management moving to diversify its water sources through the establishment for new projects of desalination and sewage & industrial wastewater treatment. And which will make it one of the most attractive countries to invest in those industries.

Egypt seeks to cover its large and continuous needs of water. Especially for planting one and half million acres, which announced that it will be added to its agricultural land.

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